Do I Even Need To Take Vitamins?

What does the research show on supplementation ?

We are often asked “What supplements should I take?”

We are generally guided by Patrick Holford, who is a dear friend and also founder of The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK.

If you were living in the countryside, away from the pollution and everyday stresses of city life, eating a balanced and organic diet, drinking pure water and breathing clean air then your diet would probably be able to supply all the nutrients you need for your body.

However, for most us who live in cities :
<li>We are surround by an environment that is polluted and more stressful than what would be our natural environment.</li>
<li>Our diets are usually not organic, quite often containing a high degree of processed food. Even the natural foods we do eat often no longer contain the level of nutrients we expect them to due to the fact that the soil they are grown in has been over-farmed, or the food has been harvested early and transported over long distances before it arrives on our dinner tables.</li>
The results of a survey of initially over 55,000 people in the UK, indicated the absolute minimum that we should be supplementing on a daily basis as follows :
<li>A good quality multivitamin and multi-mineral.</li>
<li>A good quality essential fatty acid supplement like fish oil (or flaxseed oil for vegetarians).</li>
<li>1g (or 1000mg) of Vitamin C (ideally split into two doses)</li>
In a subsequent post we will mention other supplements that are often added to improve the above supplementation program.

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