QOTD: How to Get More Grit in Your Life

“One of the psychologists that I interviewed said shame is usually not helpful as an emotion, and I would second that. So no, I don’t believe people should berate themselves for deciding that they don’t want to go to medical school after all. But I will say this: it is human nature to get bored of things and to seek the novel. And I think that one of the skills that one must develop in life, if one cares not to be a dilettante, if it’s a goal of yours to become expert in something, one of the skills is to learn to substitute nuance for novelty”

Angela Duckworth

How To Get More Grit in Your Life Podcast, Freakonomics 

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Wisdom Tree

A tree once spoke to me about the similarities that they have with growing a business.

Of course first of all you need sufficient energy to ensure initial growth, in a business this is sales.

Then you need to develop a strong foundation from which to create fast growth.

You need to understand that your leaves, your customers and employees, can come and go, but that whilst they are attached to you, it is your responsibility to support them as best they can. As they thrive they also give back to your business. Departing leaves need to be replaced with new ones.

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